Panzer Dragoon Remake Out Before March 2020, Getting A Physical Release

Published: June 28, 2019 10:00 AM /


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The upcoming Panzer Dragoon remake will launch before March 2020 and will be available as a physical release.

According to Polish blog Strefain (the second link is in Polish), Panzer Dragoon is due out for Switch this winter. However, Segabits says this tentative release date could be wrong and that a fake pre-order website could have caused the misunderstanding. In the Strefain article, developer MegaPixel Games confirms Panzer Dragoon Remake will be out before March 2020 and that it'll be getting a boxed release on Nintendo Switch.

Worryingly, according to Segabits and Strefain, MegaPixel doesn't have much money to play with. The studio is making Panzer Dragoon Remake at a loss and supposedly needs to start selling units of the game in order to turn a profit. It's not uncommon for consoles to sell at a loss, but games are a different story. Here's hoping MegaPixel Games can pull it together and make some money from Panzer Dragoon. The company hasn't disclosed how many units of the game it expects to sell.

On a more positive note, MegaPixel has already started work on a Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei remake. If all goes well, the studio expects to have the game out in mid-2021. Could this point to a potential remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga? Probably not, since the gods are cruel and fate laughs at us all, but I'm holding out hope. Saga is a much larger and more complex game than its predecessors; it's an RPG rather than an on-rails shooter, though it does contain elements of the latter. If you're reading this, MegaPixel, the ball is in your court.

Panzer Dragoon Remake is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime before March 2020. It's a full reimagining of the original 1995 Sega Saturn game. Right now, it's a Switch exclusive. It's worth noting that MegaPixel doesn't say the game will remain a Switch exclusive forever. We might well see a PC and console release ere the day is out.

Would you like to see a Panzer Dragoon Saga remake? Are you looking forward to playing Panzer Dragoon Remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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