Nintendo Unveils A New Browser-Based Mii Maker

Published: May 26, 2018 5:21 PM /


mii browser

Following the recent Miitomo shut down, Nintendo has introduced a new online Mii Maker tool that allows anyone with a My Nintendo account to craft their own avatar using any ordinary web browser.

For those kicking themselves over the moments they spent manufacturing the perfect avatar in Miitomo, fret not, as you may import your old prized possession to this new client.  Despite that, you won't be able to transfer the various costumes you may have worked hard to unlock, which is a bit rough. Go ahead and think of this as a new start.

The tools included currently lack the usual ostentatious outfits, but considering their popularity and collectable status on Miitomo, they're sure to make a splash somewhere down the line. For now, you may customize your avatar according to face, hair, eyebrows, lips, eyes, and mouth shape, with the possibility of including facial hair or glasses for a finishing touch.

As of now, it seems this tool is one of relatively minimal use given that the Switch, which is the latest and most prominent Nintendo console, doesn't use Miis much. They're only utilized as optional user account avatars, and a bit hidden in the system settings to begin with. Though, if you're still contently using your Wii, Wii U, or 3DS, this is a nice option to further optimize your avatar, or give yourself a new shine. With Miis seemingly being pushed from the limelight following various recent Nintendo installments, it's nice that these little guys still have a place of prominence for those who enjoy them the most.

With this releasing so close to E3, there's a chance Nintendo may unveil a Mii comeback or at least a more prominent Mii presence on Switch. Until then, sit back, relax, and mold yourself a new Mii, since it has probably seen a hot minute since you've done so.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo releasing the browser-based Mii Maker? Please do share your Miis with us in the comments below! 


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