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Published: January 13, 2017 12:37 AM /


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Nintendo's third game brought in Splatoon 2, the sequel to the third person shooter painting game made for the Nintendo Wii U.

The trailer showcased squid kids fighting around the map, painting the map with their weapons as they battled. Matches in Splatoon 2 aren't based on killing opponents, but rather in making sure you have more of the map painted than the enemy team. New weapons and maps are being introduced, like the "Splat-Dualies" which are a pair of pistols that let you aim in two directions at once. There's also new special weapons, which allow you to access extra powerful weapons if you cover enough of the map, sounding similar to Call of Duty's killstreak system. In a press release Nintendo is also promising remixes of older weapons, giving them new abilities to help you pain the map. A new dodge roll will also allow you to be more nimble and avoid enemy players coming for you.

The game will also feature new trends, with a note that two years have passed in-game. There will be new characters and returning characters in the game's single player mode. There will also be a smartphone app that will connect with Splatoon 2, allowing you to talk to other players. Nintendo has also promised free updates for the game, similar to what they did for Splatoon.

The game can be played using either the Joy-Con controllers or with the Nintendo Switch's pro controller. Like before it can be played online in 4v4 matches, but new to the game is the ability to play with other nearby Switch owners.

Splatoon 2 will be coming out in the Summer exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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