Nintendo Announced New Pokemon Direct for 2/27/2019

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Nintendo Announced New Pokemon Direct for 2/27/2019

February 26, 2019

By: Jack Waibel


Nintendo has announced that a new Pokemon Direct will air tomorrow, February 27th. The Direct will air at 6 am Pacific Time and contain about 7 minutes of ambiguously-labeled "new information", but it's probably safe to assume that Nintendo will finally be unveiling the series' 8th generation for the Switch. You can watch the Direct when it airs right here.

Fans of the Pokemon franchise will likely be...completely unsurprised. Being the anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green's release in Japan, February 27th is celebrated as Pokemon Day and is a pretty obvious choice for some Pokemon-related announcements. There's also been rampant speculation that February 27th would be the date for the next generation's announcement due to a series of videos posted on the official Pokemon Youtube Channel. Basically, the channel has posted a video about a different generation's region every day for the last six days. If this pattern continues, this would mean that generation 8's region falls on February 27th.

Generation 8 will be the first main-series Pokemon games on consoles in...well ever. How/if Game Freak will take advantage of the new hardware remains to be seen, but the Switch should serve as a significant improvement to the 3DS' capabilities. Like pretty much every generation, there's already rumors aplenty about the games' names, their region, etc., ranging from being named Plus and Minus, King and Queen, taking place in an East Asian-inspired region, being a remake of Red and Green, featuring a complete overhaul of the battle system, yada, yada, yada. Just ignore it all. Like, seriously.


Also happening tomorrow, Twitch is resuming its Pokemon anime marathon showing the famous TV series on the streaming service starting at 10AM Pacific with 10 new seasons and 11 new movies coming.

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I think I've made my thoughts on a new Pokemon game pretty clear.
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