The Next Black Mesa Update Will Break Your Saves

Crowbar Collective says the next Black Mesa update had to make some changes that will brick old saves, so you'll have to make some progress up once it launches

Published: August 25, 2021 9:01 AM /


Some scientists talking to Gordon Freeman in Black Mesa

Fair warning: the next Black Mesa update is going to brick your saves. Crowbar Collective says this is an unfortunate side effect of needing to make changes to levels in order to implement some of the upcoming update's fixes and bug squashes.

Why will the new Black Mesa update break save files?

As per an announcement via the official Black Mesa Steam community, the upcoming Black Mesa update will apply a ton of fixes for different issues. In order to implement some of these fixes, Crowbar Collective had to make fundamental edits to various levels. This means the developer had to "invalidate old saves" in order to ensure the update didn't break Black Mesa as a whole. If you want to make up your progress, you'll have to either restart the chapter you were on or load in the map via the in-game console.

Freeman firing at a military chopper in Black Mesa
Gordon Freeman's gun here represents the new Black Mesa update, and the chopper represents your save files.

If you've never used Black Mesa console commands before, it's easy to activate this feature. There are two methods: either add the "-console" command to the Steam executable's launch properties (right-click in library, then Properties, then Set Launch Options) or go to the in-game Advanced Keyboard options and click "enable console". From there, you'll need a list of the in-game map IDs, which you can find right here.

What fixes is this new Black Mesa update bringing?

There are a whole bunch of Black Mesa fixes and changes on the way as part of this new update. They range from code fixes (HEV chargers giving incorrect charges, female scientists not healing the player) through new controller sensitivity options and fixes for the visuals and design of the game. You can find a complete list of all the fixes that are being implemented in the upcoming Black Mesa update over on the Steam announcement.

The resonance cascade messing things up in Black Mesa
Unfortunately, Crowbar Collective hasn't fixed the Black Mesa resonance cascade that caused this whole mess.

Crowbar Collective says it's aware of a few issues it hasn't yet fixed in the upcoming update. For example, when looting RPG crates, you may not receive the full amount of rocket launcher ammo. A couple of multiplayer maps might be missing some minor detail elements, and if you're playing on higher resolutions, you may notice incorrectly formatted chapter titles. There's a good chance these issues will be fixed in the next Black Mesa update, but we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can grab this fan-made Half-Life remake on Steam right now.

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