New Super Smash Bros. Leaks: Duck Hunt Dog, Dark Pit, Ness, Falco Confirmed

Published: September 11, 2014 2:10 AM /



Early this morning, a user at neoGAF, Kewl0210s, got a hold of a Japanese version of the new Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. This is not super surprising as this information would be hitting in a few days anyway as the game releases in Japan on September 13.

Confirmed character list so far (details/pictures below): Ness, Falco, Dark Pit, Duck Hunt Dog, Mr. Game & Watch, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Wario, Bowser Jr., Jigglypuff, Rob

So far not a whole lot (now a lot has) of new information has been confirmed, but some questions that fans have had are being answered. Ness, the hero from Earthbound, seems to be confirmed to be in the game, as seen in the image here. That is of a familiar screen to Super Smash Bros. fans, where a character "challenges" you to a fight and when you defeat them they are unlocked for use. Also another image after his unlock here.

Another character many were looking to see return was Falco from Star Fox. Well, as we can see clearly in this image here, there seems to be nothing to worry about. Here is an in-game shot of him as well.

Wolf shows up as a trophy you can unlock, so that makes it incredibly unlikely for him to be a playable character.

And a PSA to anyone seeing this image floating around it has been confirmed to be fake. Of course it is, Ridley will not be in the game...

(Unconfirmed) But supposedly this is a live stream of the full Super Smash Bros. game on the 3DS on Twitch right now (10:37pm pacific). Another stream here.  UPDATE - Both of those are down now. This one is still going as of 3:25pm pacific.

Here is also something taken from the streams. Remember the credits from the first Super Smash Bros.? Well, this definitely seems to be a reference to them. Instead, as the names fly by, you control a character that has to hit them, rather than shooting them as was before.

This image here shows the new way that Classic Mode functions (it probably doesn't replace it, but is something new to do in addition to Classic Mode). Instead of just going from match to match, there seem to be pathways set out. It is unclear whether or not there is a choice at the branching path at this time, though it does look like you do have the choice. And you will notice that each has a symbol next to it, which signifies the game franchise it is related to.

A new F-Zero stage for people to get excited about. Looks like it is based on the F-Zero game for the SNES. And it moves too, just like the F-Zero stage we are all familiar with already.

Dark Pit has been confirmed. That is not just a re-skin of Pit, but actually a new character. However, it does seem that his move set is nearly identical to the original Pit. Here is another image. And here is another where you can see Dark Pit in the bottom right and original Pit in the top right.

There seems to be some kind of Angry Birds-esque like mini game as well... You use this bomb here to try to blow up this.

Another member has been providing information as well and he claims he purchased a Squirtle trophy in-game, which, just like Wolf, means Squirlte is unlikely to be a playable character.

The Duck Hunt Dog has been confirmed. Here is a gif of his intro into a round. And another image here. And one more.

Possible boss after the master hand? Before was a character that looked black and glitchy. Here you can see a gif of it. More of it here.

Mr. Game and Watch has been confirmed. Another image here. And one more.

Ganondorf confirmed as well.

Dr. Mario confirmed. Similar situation to Dark Pit. Another image here. One more here.

Wario confirmed. Another image.

Bowser Jr. has been confirmed! Included in that album is a picture that shows that Bowser Jr. does not have alternate costumes, but instead turns into the various Koopalings.

Jigglypuff  has returned!

And now Rob has been confirmed!

I believe that is all of the characters now for the new Super Smash Bros. that we did not know about for sure. All of the characters that came from that roster leak a few weeks ago anyway. So there still may be some new characters we don't know about - or other information - but is unlikely.

There may be more updates as time goes on. Check back here for new Super Smash Bros info!


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