New Overwatch Hero Brigitte Lindholm Revealed, Playable In PTR Now

Published: February 28, 2018 6:15 PM /


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After weeks of teases, Blizzard has revealed the identity of Overwatch's 27th hero. The new character is none other than engineer extraordinaire Brigitte Lindholm, who has previously appeared in Overwatch comics and Reinhardt's short Honor and Glory. She is the Daughter of Torbjorn and went on to become Reinhardt's Squire. The new hero will be available today for players on the Public Test Region, allowing them to try out the character ahead of the full release.

Brigitte is a Tank/Support hybrid who wields a devastating melee weapon called the Rocket Flail. With it, she can swing and damage multiple enemies and can extend its range using an ability called Whip Shot. She is an armor specialist, in contrast to her Father who is widely known for his weapons. Brigitte has a couple of first-aid abilities, the first being Repair Pack, which allows her to heal teammates and boost their armor. As well as the Repair Pack ability, she also has a Passive ability which creates a field of healing around her every time she damages an enemy using her Rocket Flail.

Much like Reinhardt, Brigitte has shield abilities. Shield Barrier can be used to protect her from incoming damage, and Shield Bash sends her flying forward, stunning any enemies in her path. Of course, hero 27 also has an Ultimate Ability. Rally momentarily speeds the character up while boosting the health and armor of those around her.

Brigitte is the first new character to be added in 2018 following last year's addition of support character Moira. You can check out a breakdown of her abilities, as well as a more detailed look at her backstory by heading here. In the meantime, be sure to check out the developer breakdown below and stay tuned for details on exactly when you can play her.

Are you excited by Brigitte's reveal? Or did you see it coming a mile away? Let us know in the comments.

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