New Heroes of the Storm Hero Li-Ming Gets More Details, Releases Soon

Published: January 26, 2016 10:42 AM /


Heroes of the Storm Li-Ming

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new video detailing the move set for the new hero in Heroes of the Storm. Li-Ming is the female wizard hero from Diablo III, and is a powerful ranged assassin that rewards positioning and opportunistic playstyles above all else.

If you're in the unlucky position of not being able to watch the spotlight, I will just detail her moveset here for your convenience.

Trait: Critical Mass

Li-Ming's trait refreshes all of her abilities when she takes down an enemy hero, making all her spells available to be cast again. This means that Li-Ming is a perfect hero to play aggressively, and can spiral out of control quickly if she's not dealt with quickly.

Q: Magic Missiles

Li-Ming sends 3 missiles towards your target, with the trajectory being adjusted by you. Firing the missiles sends each missile to a specific path, with missiles curving back to your target.

W: Arcane Orb

You throw a ball of arcane energy towards your target that explodes on impact, dealing splash damage to the target it hits and splash damage to other enemies within range of the explosion. The range of the orb is pretty far and the further it travels, the bigger the ball and the radius of the explosion will be. This is a move that rewards long-distance trick shots with more damage to more targets, if you manage to pull it off.

E: Teleport

You can teleport a short distance to get away from - or get closer to - an enemy. This move can also be used to dodge incoming ranged attacks at the last second. This ability has a very short cooldown so it can be used in quick succession, making Li-Ming a hard hero to pin down successfully.

Heroic 1 (R): Disintegrate

This move is lifted straight from Diablo III and shoots a beam of arcane energy in a straight line, dealing constant damage to everyone it hits. You can quickly aim the beam in all directions, making this a perfect ultimate if you're being attacked from multiple sides.

Heroic 2 (R): Wave of Force

Her second heroic damages enemies in an area of your choosing and knocks them out of the way. This heroic is pretty great to break up groups of enemy heroes or to get out of a tight spot.

And there you have it: one of the two announced heroes for Heroes of the Storm is almost upon us! Li-Ming will probably arrive at some point this week, with the other announced hero (the Necromancer) coming to Blizzard's MOBA soon after.

What do you think of Li-Ming? What are your proposed strategies? Sound off in the comments!

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