Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Releases Reforged Update

Published: July 28, 2015 6:32 PM /


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Viking Conquest, the newest expansion to Mount & Blade: Warband that received a 'Good' score on TechRaptor, has just received a massive free update called the Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest - Reforged Edition.

For the curious, these new features include:

  • A new storyline called "The Last Tuatha De Danann" that is "... set in dark, mysterious Ireland."
  • Players are now able to recruit the "... powerful yet unpredictable" Berserker troops.
  • Dog Companions are now available, and as man's best friend they will stick with you through thick and thin, "... even on the battlefield."
  • Instead of building up your rise of power from scratch, Viking Conquest now offers players the chance to start as a leader of a faction from the very beginning, with "... expanded kingdom management" being offered. The 'expanded' offerings include being able to customize your king's color, raising peasants for your army, and ransoming captured prisoners to the enemy.
  • Working minigames are now in the game, with provided options such as mining in a quarry or working on a farm for those seeking a more honest living.
  • Players can now utilize the new ambush system, although one can also be ambushed by the AI if they are not careful.
  • If companions leave the player's group, they can start their own party, whereby they could end up "... gathering their own forces and making their own mark on the world."
  • Immersion wise, there are quite a few notable updates, such as updates to the visuals,the addition of new weapons, and improved battle AI.
    • Players can spread rumors to 'influence' people, as well as have player 'traits'. A second outfit can also be worn outside of battle, which ties into the more 'immersive' roleplaying features that have been added.
  • If players so wish, they can "... set [their] own goals to become an Infamous Raider, Strong King, Beloved Warrior and more."
    • This also comes with the option to customize the difficulty options so that players can "... cater to [their] own experience and challenge."
  • Last but not least, the multiplayer has been expanded, including "... new scenes and Raid game mode." The UI has also been improved, so that server administrators can control the AI in the 'Invasion' mode.
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