Mortal Kombat X Story Trailer Reveals Host of New Fighters

Published: March 1, 2015 4:18 PM /



Anticipation for Mortal Kombat X keeps on mounting as we advance toward its April 14th release date. This week saw the release of MKX’s first story mode trailer, giving fan’s a glimpse of the new generation of MK fighters.  In a previous interview, MK director Ed Boone stated that the game’s story would pick up directly where MK9’s left off, before jumping ahead some twenty years into the future. The trailer spotlights a group of new characters descended from series regulars:  Cassie Cage, for example, is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade; Jacqueline Briggs is the niece of Jax; Takashi is the son of blind swordsman Kenshi; Kung Jin is the descendant of Kung Lao and Kotal Kahn is the descendant of Shao Kahn.

One the biggest surprises of Mortal Kombat 9’s return to form was the polish with which NetherRealms pulled off its story mode. This fun piece of narrative fan service re-invigorated the series by introducing its complicated mythos to a new generation of fans.  It comes as no surprise that MKX’s story mode reveal has generated so much commentary in just a few days. It began with IGN’s scene by scene trailer breakdown. As thorough as IGN’s review seemed, youtuber issued his own breakdown to fill in all the gaps, earning a twitter shout-out from Ed Boon himself for his trouble.

EdBoone Tweet
Senpai has noticed

One of the most interesting choices NetheRrealms has made in its MKX roll out has been to establish  story elements and characters by releasing a comic book prequel series through DC comics. In addition to the descendant characters, the comic introduced a handful of totally new characters which can now be seen in the trailer. They include Gunslinger Erron Black and D’vorah.

MKX comic
D'vorah, Kotal Kahn and Erron Black

One thing is obvious, whereas it would have been easy to release another game featuring fan favorites and nostalgic throwbacks, NetherRealms is looking to the future and taking nothing for granted following the resurgence of the Kombat franchise.

How excited are you for the new Mortal Kombat game?

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