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It has been known for some time now that a first-person Avengers game was in development before it was cancelled by THQ when they had serious financial troubles. It was back in 2011 that footage of the cancelled project first came to light. More info on this cancelled game has surfaced thanks to Unseen64. In a video on Didyouknowgaming by Unseen64, we learn much more about this game and its troubled development.

It used to be that most big blockbuster movies would have a game tie-in released along side it. These days have now passed, some say for the better. This project, however, was not to be a movie tie-in. It was to have its own story but released the same year as Disney's Avengers movie. It was being developed by THQ's Australian studio. They started developing the game as a third-person action game. Eventually they decided to make something more original as there was already fair amount of third-person action superhero titles out there, such as the Thor and Hulk movie tie-in games, both of which had little success. The concept shifted to a first-person action game and after this change took place they began to focus more on the teamwork aspect of the Avengers to make the game be heavily focused on co-op gameplay.

At the beginning of the game you would have been able to play as Ironman, Captain American, Thor, and Hulk. As the game progressed more characters would become available. Because the game was heavily focused on the teamwork between these heroes, each character would have their own set of skills that could be used to help the team, such as a buff to other players on stunning enemies. Even though co-op was the main focus for the development team, they still put a lot of work in to make the AI team mates effective if playing alone.

It was to have its own story, although aspects of it were heavily based on the Secret Invasion comic. It centred around a Skrull invasion of earth and the team even hired Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Secret Invasion, to pen the story for the game.

During development of the game, THQ hit some major financial problems. In a desperate bid to save the company and cut expenses, the game was canned. The video states the game was not cancelled because of its quality but was just a victim of THQ financial situation. Bendis, when asked by fans about the game, said:

"It was cool ... and I will never understand how they let that one sink and not sell it off when the whole company folded."

Even though a lot of THQ properties managed to survive after the company's downfall, the Avengers game was not one. The team in Australia tried to get backing from Marvel to finance the game and even though impressed by what they saw, the game was determined to be too expensive to fund.

The game seemed very ambitious for a licensed game, the first-person and co-op aspects of the game would have allowed it to stand out in the Superhero genre. Sadly it is destined sit along side the likes of Star Wars 1313 as a game that will never be.  

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