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Monster Castle Coming to iOS and Android

November 11, 2015



Monster Castle is a tower defense strategy game published by Sixjoy, was initially released in 2014 for Windows Phones. Now Monster Castle is being launched globally for iOS and Android devices.


In Monster Castle a group of monsters flee the entrapment of an evil knight and his human army. Flipping the fantasy story stereotypes of good and evil on their head, the game features a variety of lovable monsters to join your army. The game has a medieval fantasy setting full of interesting characters and story to discover.


Strategically building your castle is the key to success in Monster Castle. Players can choose where to set up their weapons and equipment etc. making sure that their army can have the strongest and most efficient defenses. Invading armies won’t just infiltrate your castle they’ll destroy important structures on their way.

Monster Castle features both PVE and PVP play. In PVE players can master levels of increasing difficulty in a campaign mode. With worldwide PVP players can invade other players and create alliances to fight in the monster clan wars and gain loot.

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Players can recruit a wide variety of monsters into their army including the traditional mummies, witches, orcs and ghosts. There are also hero monsters with special attributes and skills for defending your monster castle and attacking invading armies. There’s a plethora of weapons at players disposal in Monster Castle such as crossbows, cannons and flamethrowers to keep the enemy at bay.

A pre-registration event is currently going on for Monster Castle. Those that pre-register for Monster Castle will be notified when the game becomes available to download. They also will receive a welcome gift worth $10 of in-game rewards.

Those interested in Monster Castle can pre-register for the game here. Monster Castle will be free to download for iOS and Android. The game is expected to launch in the next few weeks so keep your eyes out for it on the App Store and Google Play Store.