Microsoft Brings Indies to Windows 10 With Xbox One Crossbuy

Published: March 5, 2015 10:35 AM /


shovel knight and battletoads

Phil Spencer spoke at GDC about achieving a goal for Windows 10 in the next year, one where the new OS is integrated with all Microsoft devices. Xbox One accessories released from now on are planned to be compatible with Windows 10, and there was confirmation that a wireless adapter for existing Xbox One controllers is in the works for later this year. Xbox One, PCs and phones running Windows 10 will all be sharing universal applications and functionality on a single marketplace. Some gamers might balk at Microsoft's proprietary versions of titles already released elsewhere on PC. However, if those games came for free with an Xbox One copy of the game, those misgivings might not matter.

Microsoft may only have one dedicated gaming device in the race, but they still want to jump in on the crossbuy bandwagon that Sony has touted for years. They announced today at GDC that games released through the ID@Xbox program will join those universal apps in supporting Windows 10, and games releasing on Xbox as a part of the program will be able to bundle in their PC counterpart free of charge. In a snappy trailer, games such as Game 4, Wasteland 2, Pinball FX2Divinity: Original Sin, #IDARB, and Shovel Knight are suggested to be supporting the program, although nothing is set in stone as of this time. And as previously mentioned, the trailer ends with a tease of an Xbox exclusive boss fight in Shovel Knight against the Battletoads.

Elsewhere on the show floor, Microsoft's indie booth had plenty of demos from established PC titles making the jump onto Xbox One. Among the more notable of those is the recently revived Paranautical Activity, the continually amazing looking Cuphead, and the perpetual non-sequitur that is Goat Simulator. It does seem that something has changed behind the scenes at Microsoft, as their infamous parity clause would have likely stop most of these games from coming onto their platform. A healthy opponent in the console war and a spotty release calendar seems to have thrown that out of the window.

What do you think? Are you excited to play any of these games on your Xbox One? Or just to get them for free with your Xbox Live Gold Subscription? Sound off below in the comments!


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