Microsoft Announces Xbox One Elite Bundle

Published: August 31, 2015 11:52 PM /


xbox one elite bundle

Today Microsoft announced a new bundle for the Xbox One, the Xbox One Elite bundle. Also announced was the Special Edition Lunar White Wireless controller, available exclusively at Gamestop sometime in late September. The Xbox One Elite bundle will be available in November for $499. It will have an exclusive release in the U.S. on November 3rd in Gamestop stores and the Microsoft Store. The release seems to suggest that the bundle will only be available in November from those two retailers, though it does not say outright that others will be selling it after November.

The Xbox One Elite bundle, you guessed it, does indeed come with the Xbox One Elite Controller. The Xbox One Elite controller features, "Fully customizable features, interchangeable paddles, further customization with the Xbox Accessories app, Hair Trigger Locks and high-performance construction to provide an unparalleled experience every time you game."

The Xbox One in the Elite Bundle will also feature a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive, with the most frequently accessed files stores on a solid state partition to allow quicker access—less waiting time.

Other than those two things, there doesn't seem to be anything else with the Xbox One Elite Bundle. The Xbox One in the bundle looks like any other Xbox One out there.

Considering you can get an Xbox One, bundled with a game sometimes, for $349 and the Xbox One Elite Controller costs $149, it's almost as if the 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive is an added bonus. So if you are looking to get an Xbox One and the Elite Controller, this may just be the best bundle for you to buy. Of course, you do have to consider this doesn't come with a game like some other bundles, nor does it include the Kinect. So, how much you weigh the value of the drive may be the deciding factor.


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