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Published: March 6, 2016 6:19 PM /


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A few weeks ago, we reported that MangaGamer, a small studio that translates and releases visual novels ranging from teen reading to adult erotic titles (though mostly the latter), had to shut down their store due to thieves buying their visual novels with stolen credit card information and selling the complimentary Steam keys on the grey market. It appears that on Tuesday, they restored functionality to their store with three new payment processors. Despite some bugs in the system that they are working out, it appears everything is up and running. Unfortunately, the policy for no longer giving complimentary Steam keys for visual novels that are available on both their store and Steam remains in effect. They hope to revisit this policy in the future if a viable solution to prevent the sort of abuse that forced them to shut payment processing down in the first place can be found.

As things return to normal, MangaGamer announced back on Friday that Tokyo Babel, an all ages visual novel rife with Christian mythology, will be releasing on March 31st and is available for pre-order for a 10% discount on MangaGamer's store until it releases. The title will also release on Steam on March 31st (effectively making it one of the first new titles affected by the new policy put in place due to the aforementioned abuse), but there is no option to pre-purchase on Steam as of this writing.

In Tokyo Babel, Heaven has closed its gates, Hell has been consumed by floods and all of this on the eve of an incoming apocalypse. All the remaining demons and angels have converged upon a purgatory fashioned to resemble modern day Tokyo, aptly named Tokyo Babel, and join humans in a pilgrimage to atone for their sins. Their goal is to ascend Jacob's Ladder to re-open Heaven, though the plan doesn't stay afloat for long as a group within the pilgrimage descends into madness and wreaks havoc all over Tokyo Babel. The protagonist, Tendou Sentsuna, enters this whirlwind of events to aid in the quest for Heaven.

If Christian mythology or tales of the apocalypse are your thing, or if you are a fan of more action story oriented visual novels, you can pick up Tokyo Babel for 34.95 upon it's release on March 31st on Steam, or take advantage of MangaGamer's 10% off pre-order offer on their store.

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