'Make Azeroth Great Again' WoW Guild Has Name Forcibly Changed (Again)

Published: October 22, 2019 8:00 AM /


Make Azeroth Great Again World of Warcraft Guild Footmen

World of Warcraft guild named "Make Azeroth Great Again" has had its name changed for the second time, causing its leader to give up playing the game in defeat. This comes a little more than a week after another guild named "GAY BOYS" also had its name forcibly changed.

Gamebyte reports that the guild Make Azeroth Great Again was happily chugging along as a social guild on an RP-PVP (Role Playing Player Versus Player) server when its leader (who goes by the in-game name Cogblast) got a message that the guild name was being forcibly changed. Cogblast then reached out to a GM who reportedly apologized for the name change and swapped it back to its original.

Twelve hours later, the guild had its name removed once again — but the story is a little more complex than that.

Make Azeroth Great Again World of Warcraft Guild Archers

Make Azeroth Great Again and RP-PVP Servers

One key fact that needs to be highlighted is that the MAGA-inspired World of Warcraft guild was situated on an RP-PVP server. If you're not super familiar with the ins and outs of WoW, a roleplaying server is where players will speak and act in a way that was appropriate for their characters.

The second name change was due to the guild name being deemed "not RP friendly", meaning that it didn't seem thematically appropriate. This comes down to Blizzard Entertainments' naming guidelines which are outlined on their website.


Names are subject to the same rules established above. Any name the player has the ability to customize—such as player names, BattleTags, and guild names—must be appropriate and inoffensive. Any name that violates our standards or disrupts the community will be changed, and additional limitations may be placed on the offending account per our discretion.

Take note that acceptable names are determined by player reports and Blizzard's decision, and role-playing servers may have distinct standards for using game-appropriate names.

In short, whether or not a name is appropriate (either for a guild or a character) is determined solely by whether or not it's been reported, how much it's been reported, and finally, a decision on Blizzard's part. It seems that whoever made the decision that the name was okay in the first place was ultimately overruled.

As a consequence of the seemingly-inconsistent policy, Cogblast has thrown the towel in on playing WoW.

It’s really crazy to think that even obliquely referencing support for the president through satire is too political in a game where historically you could do almost anything with guild names as long as it wasn’t outright racist or something.

What do you think of Make Azeroth Great Again being forced to change their name? Do you think it's an inappropriate guild name for an RP server? Let us know in the comments below!

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