LoveLive!: Second Year Scouting Available!

Published: January 27, 2016 9:11 PM /



The "Scouting" menu in Klab's popular mobile rhythm/collectible card game LoveLive! School Idol Festival has been edited slightly to feature the new Second-Year Scouting event as the first option on the menu. This limited Scouting option allows players to buy higher rarity cards--often with a special theme-- using real money (Or use large amounts of very hard to earn free currency) and will be available to players until Friday, January 29th at 08:00 UTC. This Scouting option will allow players to Scout only Second-Year μ's members. This Scouting event coincides with the last three days of "The Song of Love" event in which players compete to collect tokens and earn rank rewards, including a Super Rare Honoka card, based on the number of tokens they can collect during the event.


Though this scouting event does not feature a special theme for the cards being distributed, it does allow players to scout only second-year idols Honoka, Kotori, and Umi cards. Players are also offered the promotional 10+1 pulls which guarantee at least one Super Rare card per pull. The exact line-up is not available but it is worth noting that cards that were previously distributed will have a lower appearance rate than those that have just been added to the pool.

When players scout they through the Second-Year Student Scouting, they also raise their Honor Student Bonus meter, when that reaches maximum the player is awarded a Scouting Coupon which can be used in Coupon Scouting (SR/UR Guaranteed for 5 Coupons or Supporting Member Scouting for 1 Coupon).

Honors Scouting and other non-regular Scouting in LoveLive! School Idol Festival costs Love Gems. A Single Scout is 5 Love Gems and a 10+1 pull is 50. Players can collect Love Gems for free in the game or buy them with cash in the store. 86 Love Gems is the maximum number of Love Gems available for purchase and goes for $48.85 in the store.

This scouting event will be only available from 00:00 Tuesday, January 26 until 08:00 Friday, January 29 (times are in UTC) and features just Kotori, Honoka, and Umi cards. Make sure you get your pulls in if you're looking for any of these idols to add to your teams!


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