The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Release Date Revealed

Published: March 2, 2022 10:25 AM /


Legend of Heroes

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero release date has now been fully revealed, which I'm sure comes as a big relief to Legend of Heroes fans. With the release date announcement, you can rest easy and also preorder the game for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch if that's your thing. It's pricey, but it also comes with a bunch of goodies that might be fairly tempting. Let's get into it all, shall we?

What's the The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero release date?

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero release date is set for September 27, 2022, nearly eight months away. With Fall 2022 as the originally announced release date, it could've been released in October, November, or even December 2022 if NIS America was feeling cruel while feeling technically correct, which as we all know is the best kind of correct.


For those who don't know, The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is a port of the updated release of Zero No Kiseki that was released in Japan with the subtitle the Evolution, on PS4 and Switch in Asia back in 2020 and 2021. The original release of that game was in 2010, and it was part of a 2- game arc called the Crossbell Arc, which takes place before the Cold Steel line of games, but after the first trilogy. If you find this a little complicated, be sure to consult TechRaptor's guide on how to get into the series.

As for the story in this title, Lloyd Bannings returns home to follow in his late brother's footsteps and joins the Special Support Section, which helps people in need and performs odd jobs. Slowly, he and his team discover a criminal underworld and some terrible secrets.

If you're interested in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Limited Edition preorder, it'll ring you $89.99 and is available while supplies last. For the Nintendo Switch for instance, there's 26% - 50% stock left, which is also the case for the PlayStation 4 version. What do you get? Well, there's the game itself, a hardcover art book, the official soundtrack, a cloth poster, a Acrylic Stand, steelbook, and collector's box. Not too bad, but $89.99 is a lot of dosh so this is definitely only for hardcore fans.


Want to see The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero in action? Check out the trailer below:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on September 27, 2022.



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