Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Beta Due to Release This Spring

Published: December 16, 2015 6:08 PM /


Kingdom Come Deliverance

With the launch of the 12th update to Warhorse Studio's Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Alpha, comes word from its Creative Director Daniel Vávra that the Beta is due to be released Q1 2016.

With the announcement of the game's beta also comes with other updates to the game as a whole, with Kingdom Come's story now over 2500 pages for its screenplay, "... and now more than 70 quests with over 300,000 words." 

The Kickstarted Dog Companion is set to be included in the Beta as well, with Warhorse Studios deciding on the extinct breed of Alaunt, a dog that was commonly used for guarding, herding, and hunting during the period that Kingdom Come is set in. 

With the Beta also comes some graphical improvements, including 'hundreds' of new artworks and other in-game improvements such as Dynamic Weather and a Total Illumination System. 3D face scanning is also set to be added, with Warhorse Studios "... scanning every single head for our game including over 30 different expressions and emotion[s] to create life-like facial animations..."

Cutscene production is also about to start, with full motion capture of 'real' actors and new voices from what you have previously heard. There are to be over 25 hours of voice acting and over 4 hours of "... symphonic music which will be recorded in Rudolfinum, one of the most important concert halls in Europe." 

This does not include other tidbits that Warhorse Studios announced for the Beta, such as the first addition of the 'epic story' to the title, the inclusion of all 'core' game mechanics, the tripling in size of the current game map, the first battle/siege to be introduced, and a new weapon type, the Sword and Shield.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to launch Summer 2016 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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