Just Cause 3 Xbox One File Size Released

Published: October 15, 2015 9:21 AM /


Just Cause 3

The file size for the upcoming open world sandbox mass destruction simulator Just Cause 3 has just been revealed on the Xbox.com page for the game. The game will take up a sizeable 42.49 GB of hard drive space on your Xbox One, so make sure you have enough space at the ready! The PC and PS4 file sizes have yet to be announced, but there shouldn't be too much of a difference in size between platforms.

The game, in developed by Avalanche Studios since 2012 and published by Square Enix, will see players return the exploits of Rico Rodriguez, who returns to his homeland of Medici. This Mediterranean paradise has been put to heel under the boots of a brutal dictator called general Do Ravello. Players will once again be able to cause all manner of mischief with Rico's bag of gadgets while you try to overthrow the dictator, using the iconic grappling hook in addition to a slew of new playthings including the wingsuit in a map that is roughly the size of 400 square miles. Players anxious to jump in to experience (and be the cause of) the havoc do not have to wait long; the game is set to release on December 1.


Just Cause 3 Skydive


Quick Take

I for one simply cannot wait to jump in! The first game in the series was pretty good, but the second game really took the cake in terms of chaotic possibilities one could undertake. I hope the PC modding community can get their hands on some modding tools so they can create a multiplayer mod for this installment (although I am sure that the game will be a blast even without the multiplayer). If you haven't yet experienced what a massive multiplayer mod looks like, you can check it out on Steam. The mod is free for anyone who owns a copy of Just Cause 2, and it's a whole lot of fun! 



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