Jurassic World: Evolution Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Published: March 16, 2018 4:59 PM /


jurassic world evolution building helicopter

The release date for Jurassic World: Evolution may have been accidentally leaked as reported by TheNerdMag.

Jurassic World: Evolution is the latest game based on the Jurassic Park IP that is currently being worked on by Frontier Developments, creators of Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous:. The game was originally announced in August of last year at Microsoft's Gamescom 2017 press conference. Have a gander at the Announcement Trailer to see what it's all about:


The game will allow you to build your own dinosaur theme park, presumably with all of the potential for disaster that has cropped up in each of the movies. The size of the park and what exactly you'll be able to build isn't really well-known just yet, but Frontier Developments can likely roll their Planet Coaster experience into the development of this game. Jeff Goldblum has recently been announced as reprising his role of Dr. Ian Malcom for the game.


At the time of its announcement, the release date for Jurassic World: Evolution was vaguely defined as "Summer 2018". A recent event had taken place at the Universal Backlot with an embargo on all footage until March 29. However, Rob Keyes of Screen Rant had uploaded an image to his instagram account showing the release date as June 12, 2018:

jurassic world evolution june 12 2018
A picture uploaded to Instagram purportedly shows the release date for Jurassic World: Evolution as June 12, 2018.

Considering the source, it's less likely that the image was a fake. Embargoes are generally respected, but mistakes can unfortunately happen. The original Instagram post has since been deleted by Mr. Keyes, but it's terribly difficult for something to disappear from the Internet once it's been seen by enough people. We've reached out to Frontier Developments to see if this is indeed the correct date for the game's release. If we don't hear back from them, we're likely to hear some more solid confirmation when the embargo for the event is up on March 29, 2018.

What do you think of Jurassic World: Evolution? Does the game look appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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