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Published: January 27, 2017 12:43 AM /


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The newest Humble Bundle has been announced, and it's a rather quick and small one. Offering only three games total, the Humble Starbreeze Bundle Presents: John Wick bundle is more meant for those that love either Payday 2 or John Wick.

The first tier can be gotten for just a dollar and the only game included in it is Payday 2. In this co-op shooter, you'll team up with three friends to rob banks and jewelry stores, using either stealth or brute force to get through anyone standing in your way. Along with the game, you'll get two packs of DLC for it. The first is The Bomb Heists, which adds in two new missions for you to complete. The second is the John Wick Weapon Pack, which adds in four new weapons and masks. You also get two extra in-game masks at this tier: the Lycanwolf and the One Below. As usual, this tier also includes 10% off of the Humble Monthly Bundle for new owners.

The second tier can be had for $6. It doesn't add any new games but does bump your version of Payday 2 up to the Game of the Year edition. This version comes with 15 pieces of DLC including new playable characters, new weapons, new levels, and the soundtrack. This tier also gets you seven more masks for the game, including the Electrarodent, the Titan, the Orc, the Crossbreed, and the E3 2016 Mask Pack.

The third tier goes for $14 and includes one more game: Dead by Daylight. In this 4v1 multiplayer game one player plays as a killer who hunts down the other four players. The other players need to avoid the killer and escape from the area before they are caught.

The fourth tier costs $25 and adds in a pre-order for the upcoming John Wick Chronicles. This upcoming HTC Vive game puts you in the role of John Wick and has you playing in various shootouts, using room scale VR to avoid attacks and take cover while shooting back at enemies. The pre-order also comes with a second copy of Payday 2 and the John Wick Weapon Pack to gift to a friend. John Wick Chronicles is due out sometime in February.

Finally, there's one last tier that's available for $45. This tier also gives you the first John Wick movie on Steam, plus two tickets to see the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2 in theaters. Basically, the movie is just Keanu Reeves killing everything with style, so if that sounds like your kind of thing then you should watch The Matrix. This tier is only available in the US, and there are a limited number of tickets available.

This Humble Bundle won't be available long, as it's only set to be up until Monday 1/29. So if you're interested, act fast. If not, then last week's Humble Best of 2016 Bundle is still available and includes games like Evoland 2, Else Heart.Break(), Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and Homeworld Remastered Collection.

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