JAST USA Celebrates New Website with Weeklong Sale

Published: December 1, 2014 3:30 PM /


School Days JAST USA

The visual novel publisher and localization specialty JAST USA has just announced a sale accompanying the launch of a new website. The new front page is safer to view than ever before!

If you are a fan of Japanese dating simulation games or prefer the narrative heavy style of visual novels now may be the time to visit JAST USA's new website to look over the current weeklong sale. There is currently a wide swath of titles discounted for upwards of half price. The soon-to-be released one wizard and many witches dating game Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque is discounted to $35.99. The recently released science fiction thriller Steins;Gate is currently listed for $22.49. The dungeon crawling science fiction role-playing game Yumina the Ethereal, also recently released, is currently $29.99. The legendary animated drama School Days, featured in the header image, is currently on sale for $29.99. Eroge is a more niche genre within the gaming industry as most developers are located outside of the Western market. This genre frequently explores taboo subjects and many publishers fear what is considered more mature content. JAST USA is one of the few publishers that translate and publish these titles for Westerners to enjoy.

Changes to the JAST USA website include a more "safe for work" style with explicit content hidden behind an age conformation screen. It is hard not to find it amusing just how many eroge titles are locked behind that age gate screen. The website still offers customers the option of a packaged hardcopy of titles but unlike before provides a direct downloadable copy. The older JAST USA service required a proxy website that was password and serial number protected. Several steps needed to be taken before having access to the list of downloadable files that were required in order to install the game. The new website offers a more streamlined download service. Check it out if you have not before!

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