Japanese Website Lets You Create Your Own Pokemon Adventure Highlight Video

Published: December 30, 2019 11:30 AM /


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Pokemon is a big part of almost any kid's gaming childhood, and its impact on the gaming industry as a whole is immense. Whether it is the anime or the plethora of video games, you definitely wanted to experience life as a Pokemon trainer and have your own highlight intro of your journey to catch them all. Well, Pokemon Company released a Japanese website titled Pokemon Great Storywhere players can create about two-minute-long highlight videos. Users go through an iterative process answering four questions, and the result reflects your answers before showcasing the latest addition to the franchise, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Once you initiate the creation process, the first question you are faced with is to choose the regions you want to include in your highlight video. This answer affects the following options available in the three questions after it, as it will only show content related to the chosen regions. The second question puts you in a position you've been in before, choosing your favorite starter Pokemon. Moving on to the third question which wants you to recall the memory or accomplishment you are most proud of. Finally, you get to pick your closing arc with a boss fight against anyone of the notable rivals, enemies, and Legendaries from the Pokemon universe. The closing segment is promotional material from Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it shows the franchise has come a long way.

Unfortunately, there are visibly no plans for this project to move into the Western audience but even non-English speakers can navigate through the interface with relative ease as it is mostly point-and-click. This isn't the only sad news as this service won't last forever, however, we still don't have a set date on when it will actually shut down or disappear. Make sure to make your own Pokemon highlight video before it goes away.


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