Japan Cup 2017 Results

Published: August 13, 2017 8:50 PM /


Japan Cup 2017

Japan Cup 2017, in Tokyo, is a Capcom Pro Tour premiere event. With 400 CPT points at stake, a win here could cement one talented player's spot for Capcom Cup qualification, but due to the fact that it takes place in Asia, there's a lot of incredibly harsh competition to withstand.

Japan Cup is dedicated to only one game: Street Fighter V, so it was a modest event, but also featured a fun 5-on-5 team tournament, as well. Streaming was handled by the official Capcom Fighters channel for the singles tournament, and MomoChoco for the 5v5 team tournament. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format. However, due to Japan Cup not using Smash.gg to organize brackets, we will not be able to provide links to them.

Street Fighter V

Due to being a specialized event featuring one game, top 16 will be listed instead of top 8.

  • 1. GRPT | Haitani [Necalli]
  • 2. GRPT | Fuudo [R. Mika]
  • 3. Kichipa-Mu [Zangief]
  • 4. Qanba Douyu | Xiaohai [Cammy]
  • 5. r/Kappa | Poongko [Kolin]
  • 5. Acqua [Ibuki]
  • 7. Alienware | Nemo [Urien]
  • 7. Chris Tatarian [Ken]
  • 9. Razer | Infiltration [Juri]
  • 9. Zowie | OilKing [Rashid]
  • 9. Gachikun [Rashid]
  • 9. GFuel | Verloren [Cammy]
  • 13. GRPT | MOV [Chun-li]
  • 13. SPZ Sandbag [Akuma]
  • 13. Kindevu [Abigail]
  • 13. Nauman [Ken]
Of over 300 entrants, it was Haitani who pulled out all the stops to stay firmly secured on the winner's side of the bracket and eventually take home the win, putting him at over 1300 total CPT points. His position for Capcom Cup qualification is essentially guaranteed at this point. Behind him is his teammate, Fuudo, who will receive 250 CPT points for his second place finish, bringing his total to over 900; another secure spot on the leaderboards.

Along with notable names like the top two, Xiaohai, and Nemo, a number of unsponsored talent managed to bust their way into top 16. Kichipa-Mu, Acqua, and CEO 2017 finalist Gachikun all showed up and made an impression. Korea also proved itself a force to be reckoned with, as Poongko, Infiltration, Verloren, and Sandbag all handily entered finals and semi-finals, as well. Chris Tatarian, the sole American in top 32 (and possibly the sole American to enter the tournament), made it all the way to 7th after paying for the trip on his own dime and spending time with the event's organizer, pro player Momochi, training.

Other notable names who entered the tournament, but did not make it into top 16 include: Gunfight, Ponzaman, Kazunoko, Eita, Sako, Moke, Dogura, Trashbox, NL, Yukadon, Machabo, John Takeuchi, Itabashi Zangief, Daigo, Tachikawa, Otani, GO1, Majorboy, Save, StormKubo, XYZZY, Bbyongbbyong, Donpachi, YHC-Mochi, Mago, and Xiaobao.

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