January Prime Gaming Lineup Skis Into The Void

Published: January 6, 2021 9:00 AM /


An image of Void Bastards with the Prime Gaming logo

The January Prime Gaming lineup has been revealed. As ever, if you're a Prime subscriber this month, you'll get access to a whole bunch of games, loot, and bonuses for existing games. Let's take a look at what Prime Gaming is offering up for the New Year.

January Prime Gaming Lineup - Games

There are five games coming to Prime Gaming in January. You'll be able to download and keep these games if you're a Prime subscriber. Whether you're a fan of shooters, conspiracy thrillers, or physics puzzlers, you'll find something in January's haul. Remember, you'll be able to keep these games forever if you're a Prime subscriber when you download them. Here they are!

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, part of the January Prime Gaming lineup

As the title suggests, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong is all about hilarious sports-based construction challenges gone wrong. There are over 100 physics challenges to sink your teeth into here, so get stuck in.

Void Bastards

Chuckleworthy title aside, Void Bastards is an extremely solid roguelite strategy-shooter. You must guide your ragtag band of escaped prisoners to freedom using your skills and your wits.

Bridge Constructor Playground

Offering 30 innovative levels to test the integrity of your thinking cap, Bridge Constructor Playground is another creative physics puzzler. You must construct bridges across ravines, valleys, and chasms, hoping their structural integrity holds.

Alt Frequencies

Alt Frequencies, part of the January Prime Gaming lineup

Have you ever wanted to ​​​​​​expose nefarious plots and scheming villains using only the radio? Well, now you can. Alt Frequencies tasks you with rewinding, recording, and broadcasting radio snippets to uncover conspiracy theorists, radio hosts, and politicians' plans.

Along the Edge

Along the Edge is a visual novel set in the idyllic European countryside. Rather uniquely, your choices won't just affect the protagonist's personality; they'll also change the way she looks. With 60 different endings, you're sure to find something to love here.

Prime Gaming January Lineup - Loot Galore

As you might expect, there's also an absolute smorgasbord of loot to enjoy in this month's Prime Gaming haul. You can look forward to in-game content for Star Wars SquadronsRed Dead Online, and Valorant, among other games. This content will drop throughout the rest of January; some of it is available right now, while drops for RobloxLeague of Legends, and Magic Tiles 3 will be coming later this month. Make sure to check out the Prime Gaming page for the full lowdown, but here are just a few of the highlights.

Star Wars Squadrons

Celebrate the beginning of what will hopefully be a less terrible year with two extra pilot helmets in space dogfighting sim Star Wars: Squadrons. As space sims go, we thought this one was alright, so it's worth grabbing this loot. 

Red Dead Online

You can already grab this month's Red Dead Online content if you're a Prime subscriber. Amazon says this content includes a Bounty Hunter License and a Purple Bounty Wagon Tint. You'll need 3 Role tokens and Rank 25+ in Bounty Hunter for that.


There are 10 Radianite Points up for grabs in Valorant in January's Prime Gaming haul. Make sure you grab them for a chance to get the edge when it comes to weapon skins and cosmetics.

Madden NFL 21

You can grab a Zero Chill pack for Madden NFL 21 with Prime Gaming in January. This pack includes 5 Zero Chill players with an overall rating of 81+, as well as a chance of getting an 89+ OVR player. This might go some way towards balancing out the game's notoriously low Metacritic user score.

Prime Gaming continues to deliver. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get access to Prime Gaming by default, which includes a vault of games that are permanently available to download for subscribers. Remember to claim your copy of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, which leaves the service on January 8th. You've also got one last chance to grab the very enjoyable Wizard of Legend before it vanishes in a cloud of magical smoke on January 15th.

Are you a Prime Gaming subscriber? Which game are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below!


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