Hitman And James Bond Developer IO Interactive Opens New UK Studio

Published: July 6, 2023 8:46 AM /


Agent 47 wearing a private investigator disguise in the Dartmoor level of IO Interactive's Hitman 3

IO Interactive has announced that it's opened a new studio in Brighton in the UK. The new studio will contribute towards work on IO's new James Bond game, which remains untitled as yet, together with the company's four other established studios elsewhere in Europe.

In a news post on its website, IO Interactive says that its core Brighton team is already in place, and that the studio's wider "development philosophy of working on any project from any studio" means that the currently-codenamed Project 007 is now being worked on in the UK. IO goes on to say that all five of its studios are "unleashing their creativity" in the upcoming James Bond game and that it will be an "ambitious and exciting" project.

According to IO, all five of its studios are now making "significant contributions" to the project, as well as to Hitman and the also-in-development Project Fantasy. It's not clear exactly what work Brighton will contribute towards these projects, but it's nice that Bond is back in his UK homeland.

Agent 47 looking out over a crowded plaza in Hitman 3, an IO Interactive game
IO Interactive's best-known series is arguably Hitman, but the studio is also behind 2003 shooter Freedom Fighters, as well as the Kane & Lynch games.

IO Interactive's James Bond game was originally revealed back in November 2020, and since then, we haven't heard too much about the game or how it will play. Given that both Hitman and James Bond arguably revolve around a dapper protagonist visiting exotic locales to pursue subterfuge, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine what IO's Bond title will be. Still, we'll have to wait until we get more info to know for sure.

While we wait for that information, IO Interactive's Hitman: World of Assassination is available right now across PC and consoles. It contains the three games that constitute the World of Assassination trilogy, taking 47 to locations like Dubai, Chongqing, and, uh, Dartmoor in the UK. It's a shame there's no Brighton level, but perhaps 47 can visit the new IO Interactive studio in his next adventure.


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