Intergrade will be the only Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC According to Nomura

A Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade interview took place with Tetsyua Nomura, which reveals a decent amount of new info.

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A Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade interview took place with Tetsyua Nomura, which reveals a decent amount of new info. This includes new information about the Yuffie chapter, DLC plans, how the sequel development is panning out so far, and news about the mobile releases of Ever Crisis and The First Soldier.

What's New With Final Fantasy VII?

There's lots of new information contained within the Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura to parse through. First off is the Yuffie chapter that's included with Intergrade, which will have new summons and Materia. Only Yuffie will be playable in the chapter, and players will be able to fight together with Sonon in combat by pressing L2 as seen in the trailer. Interestingly, no further DLC is planned aside from the Intergrade and its contents as the focus is on Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 for now. 

Originally Nomura and his team only wanted to make a PS5 upgrade instead of the DLC Intergrade, but Intergrade helped the team prepare for PS5 development. The transition into the sequel development from Remake and Intergrade went smoothly, and future DLC could come once the sequel is released. 

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is an interesting title in the Final Fantasy franchise, as it's a battle royale multiplayer game set 30 years before FF7. It seemingly has a job system with different abilities, and Nomura wants the game to be a good experience with great visuals for mobile phones. Its story will tie over to the other mobile game Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, as that game will make use of its more story-centered design to tell the story of The First Soldier.

As for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis there was more information shared. A key part is that chapters will be free, but there will be a gacha system for weapons. It will contain content that's not in the original game, and the original FF7 story is 10 chapters long in Ever Crisis

There will be more FF7 news in the next year and the year after that, which should come as a comfort to FF7 fans, as the FF7 train doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.

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