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Indie Adventure The Search Launches Easter Weekend

Published: April 6, 2017 3:25 PM



While the kiddies are hunting for eggs this Easter weekend you could be hunting for clues in a new indie adventure game called The Search. Releasing April, Friday 14th players will be able to experience the intriguing world and story the game has to offer. A new trailer reveals a glimpse of this interesting story-driven adventure. Take a watch below.


Created entirely by one man, Jason Godbey, the game features 3D artwork and a haunting soundtrack. Also included is voiceover artist Cissy Jones’ (Dishonored 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Firewatch, Life is Strange and The Walking Dead) who's talented acting can be heard in the trailer.The story is set in a mysterious universe where players will need to search for clues about this world and yourself. It all begins when you arrive in a strange place with no memory of where you are or how you got there.

This classic point-and-click adventure game leads players through its unique universe with letters from a mysterious stranger as they find useful items and clever ways to use them. Across four different worlds creative problem solving and an intriguing plot will unfold. As you delve deeper into this strange place you’ll try and find out why you are here, who wrote the letters and details about your own past.


The Search

Jason Godbey, the game's creator, explains what he intended in creating The Search.


"I wanted to create an experience rich in atmosphere and mystery, filled with symbolism and metaphor," he said. "The Search is a point-and-click adventure game about discovery. It's a relatively short game, but hopefully players will find it filled to the brim with imagination."
Jump into the emotional and imaginative interactive storytelling experience this Easter weekend. The short story-driven point-and-click adventure game will arrive on Steam April 14, 2017. You can learn more at the game’s official website here.
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