If My Heart Had Wings Side Story Collection, Flight Diary, Coming to Steam

Published: February 20, 2019 9:20 AM /


if my heart had wings flight diary

Localization studio MoeNovel announced that the Flight Diary fandisk for If My Heart Had Wings is coming to Steam on February 27th. The fandisk will contain six side stories, including a prologue and epilogue for the main game, as well as a handful of character-focused episodes. There is no enforced playing order for the episodes, which can be selected at will from the main menu. Additionally, there are no branches in the episodes. Although the original Flight Diary collection was rated 18+, much like the existing official versions, the fandisk will also be geared towards a wider audience. There's currently no given price, though considering If My Heart Had Wings is currently $14.99 on Steam, one would expect the shorter Flight Diary to be cheaper.


Set within the fictional Japanese town of Kazegaura, If My Heart Had Wings follows a wandering young man as he finds himself in his hometown once more. After a chance encounter with a girl confined to a wheelchair, he and his childhood friend find themselves resurrecting the long-forgotten Soaring Club: a club organized around the building and flying of gliders. A dating sim visual novel with six potential heroines, If My Heart Had Wings is commonly considered to be easily accessible for entry-level visual novel fans and boasts the popularity to prove it.

Despite the "fandisk" moniker, these collections of additional content are designed as "fan service," not fan-produced. Because of their limited nature, fandisk localizations are hard to come by for visual novels, even less so in official capacities. Often, these side stories aren't essential to understanding the main game and are thus ignored in translation work. As if that weren't enough, MoeNovel was forced to delay the release of the Flight Diary fandisk, in order to comply with Steam's adult content restrictions. Now, with just over a week to go until the Flight Diary release, we'll be able to see the sights of Kazegaura once more.


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