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idol death game tv

D3 Publisher has announced their new title Idol Death Game TV and released a preview of the game over at Famitsu. The idol game will be available for PS Vita with PlayStation TV support. Releasing on October 20th of this year in Japan, the title can already be preordered on Amazon and Rakuten.

Developed by Witchcraft (The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order), the game revolves around a group of idols all competing to be the top ranked performer while in a derelict mansion. Character design is by Metawo Ueda. The script is by Shoujiro Endo.

According to translations of the Famitsu article by Gematsu, Idol Death Game TV will focus on an idol group called “Project 47” that includes 200 members. Within the larger group are smaller teams with names like “Team Happy” and “Team Smile”. Each individual idol has their own popularity ranking and no matter what team they are on, in the end, it will come down to who has what it takes to make it on their own.

Players will choose one of the available idols to play as and the story will change according to whose perspective you’re seeing the events through. Famitsu introduces 5 of the pop idols that will appear in the game. Characters range from industry veterans to up-and-comers all with their own story and relationships with one another.

Idol Death Game TV
Preview of Idol Death Game TV in Famitsu.

Gameplay will be comprised of three different elements and the game will be broken into stages. The first element is exploration, in which players will be able to explore the spooky mansion, find items and exchange information with other idols. It’s also hinted that there’s an element of psychological warfare during this phase of the game. Players need to keep their character’s spirits high while lowering the confidence of fellow idols.

Secondly, comes the judging element where idols will be evaluated on their dancing performances. Things get brutal by the last element, “Death Concert”. During “Death Concerts” idols that don’t make the cut will be executed, but there’s still hope if your favorite idol gets axed. By completing the trials of Doripaku the pink haired leader of the event may have mercy and revive defeated characters.

A teaser website for Idol Death Game TV has been launched with links to pre-orders for the game. Idol Death Game TV will be available in Japan for PS Vita on October 20, 2016. There is no news for releases of the game in other countries at this time.

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