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Published: August 16, 2015 8:00 PM /


Hunie cam studio

The Creators of Huniepop, where dating simulator met 3 match puzzle game, have been working on a whole new game in a completely new genre. HunieCam Studio which was recently put on Steam Greenlight, moves away from the dating simulator genre as you manage a team of cam girls in a game more reminiscent of Tycoon sims.

This is how the developers described it:

"HunieCam Studio is our perverted answer to the tycoon/management sim genre. Players take control of a cam girl operation and try to make as much dirty, filthy internet money as possible. Recruit a variety of sexy ladies that have probably made some poor life choices. Manage your girls' daily errands/activities to keep them stress-free and productive. Optimize your business by promoting girls who match the popular trends/fetishes. Abandon your morals and die of a coke overdose. "
HunieCam Studios sees the return of some of our favorite Huniepop girls such as Kyanna, Lola, Jessie and Nikki as well as creating a whole new host of characters to enjoy. Asides from the genre, the biggest change we have seen here from the developers is the change from a Japanese anime art style to a more mobile gamingesque style, fitting of this genre of gaming.

huniecam studio

This change in art direction is the most frequently discussed topic on the Steam forum, with many stating a preference for the old style. As a response to consumers, the developers have set up a poll asking potential customers for their opinions and have stated that with enough support they would consider revisiting the art direction. Currently at time of writing, the results seem to be in favor of reverting back to their old style.

HunieCam Studios is still in the very early stages of development, but we're interested to see how the game evolves.

Quick Take

As a huge fan of HuniePop I am definitely excited to see what the team come up with next. I love their interesting takes and plays on genres. I like the new art style, but it is interesting that they would change it based on consumer feedback. Unfortunately, a pro-consumer development team seems like a rarity these days.

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