Hitman Silently Assassinates Requiem Pack Pre-Order Content for PS4 owners

Published: March 15, 2016 10:22 PM /


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As Agent 47, it's your job to move silently in the day or the night, unseen by enemies, to knock out or even kill your targets by any means necessary. But during a mission, things can go awry, and you might get some collateral damage that you have to take care of, like a witness or two. Well in art imitating life, IO Interactive did just that in the latest update on the Playstation 4 for Hitman, because pre-order owners of the game have found that their Requiem Pack content is now gone. 

The white suit and white duck has now become white noise:of sorts.
The white suit and white duck has now become white noise:of sorts.

Obviously IO's community manager has indicated that the bug was a known shippable (known before the release was made) and was not intended (of course),  and indicated that "we are investigating how to fix this and get the items back to those affected as soon as possible." We've seen issues in the past before regarding the PlayStation 4 store and pre-order content with games such as Resident Evil Revelations 2, but those were seen on launch, and not after a patch in particular. 

The patch in question did bring the following changes to the Playstation 4 for those curious:

  • Server fixes to improve connection reliability (and look for an article on this tomorrow by your truly!)
  • Multiple improvements to the flow of 'opportunities' in Paris and Prologue.
  • Improved AI reactions to suspicious actions.
  • Minor tweaks to cover, trespassing zones, challenge unlocks and descriptions.
  • Other general improvements.

We've recently posted our first thoughts regarding the first episode, which you can find here. And we'll continue to review the game as more episodes come out. 

Quick Take

You know, I feel for developers and all, as some of these kinds of problems can be hard to spot, but it's still no excuse in the end, especially when you don't give a time frame estimate of when those players will be getting their items back. I'd make a comment about pre-ordering here, but honestly it's less about that, and more about deploying a "fix" that breaks more. I've done that in the Software world, but come on Square Enix and IO Interactive, get your stuff together.

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