Hi-Rez Studios Bringing Paladins to the Nintendo Switch

Published: June 7, 2018 3:31 PM /



Hero Shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm is officially going to the Nintendo Switch.

Hi-Rez Studios has officially announced Paladins for the Switch by revealing a short new bumper trailer of the game before E3 this year.

This version of Paladins will be complete with 60 FPS and feature crossplay multiplayer with the Xbox One.


Like other versions of the game, Paladins will be free-to-play, and has at least one "Founder's Pack" already listed on the Nintendo eShop.

The listing, as photographed by Destructoid, is slated for June 12th, the day of Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation. The download will be around 5.8 GB to download according to the listing.

Last week, Paladins was one of several games leaked to the public as going to the Nintendo Switch, after marketing materials were leaked on the website 4chan.

Fortnite, Killer Queen Black and Dragonball Fighters Z were among the other titles listed by the marketing materials. Fortnite has been independently confirmed by Kotaku, while other games, while no confirmation has been made, are all but likely at this point.

Paladins seems to have been slated for a release on June 12th for the Nintendo Switch.

Quick Take

Paladins is a pretty good online hero shooter, and adding it to the Nintendo Switch is just a no-brainer for Hi-Rez Studios. The game has a very dedicated following at this point and making sure crossplay, even if it is only with the Xbox One version, is a good move by the studio to give it a boosted player base. 

The Switch is not lacking for any content on the Nintendo eShop at this point, so the game also being free-to-Play will help it stand out as well. The only question now is what is in the listed "Founders Pack" in terms of content. 

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