Hero's Song Kickstarter Announced From Ex-SOE Developers

Published: January 19, 2016 2:58 PM /


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Hero's Song, a 'hardcore' 2D Action RPG from the new studio Pixelmage Games, has been launched as a Kickstarter for a proposed October 2016 launch.

As previously stated, Hero's Song is a 2D Action RPG with an interesting twist. It features a world creation system that "impacts game play that by actually changing the world itself and determining the races, classes and Gods that will be available." Overall, the developer stresses that it is "open world sandbox gaming through and through," with the option of either playing by one's self or with hundreds or even thousands of players on player hosted servers.

Patrick Rothfuss, an author best known for The Name of the Wind, is helping Pixelmage Games by providing a "lifetime of worldbuilding and narrative expertise" to the title, which from the Kickstarter page seems to be quite extensive. The aforementioned Gods in the game that the player chooses are bound to the game's world, shaping not just the physical geography of it but also shaping the world's population and history, such as "the wars that were fought, the great plagues that ravaged the land, and the rise and fall of entire civilizations." So if one were to choose a certain God, then perhaps a certain civilization wouldn't be available, as they wouldn't even exist, ergo they wouldn't be able to be chosen. The same applies for classes as well.

So once the world, God, and class is chosen, one may ask the question as to what the player is supposed to do. Well, they could just explore the world, or they could 'ascend', to Godhood.

The Kickstarter states that there is no 'main quest', but if there was one then perhaps Godhood could be it. Once a player's character reaches level  50 and has passed their 'Trials' they can become a God, and once that happens they are a part of the world, and can be chosen as a player's God if they are a part of a multiplayer server.

Hero's Song is set to be released October 2016, and has a Kickstarter goal of $800,000.

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