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In this story from 2016, our writer looks at an influx of new content for the legendary MMORPG World of Warcraft.

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The recently released Legion expansion for Blizzard Entertainment's popular MMO World of Warcraft has been a wonderful return to form for the aging game. During this year's BlizzCon, Blizzard's yearly celebration of its IP and its fans, the developers have revealed some of the stuff coming to World of Warcraft in the foreseeable future.

You can see a handy summary compiled by users of World of Warcraft subreddit right here, or you can continue on reading to find out the biggest tweaks and changes!

Patch 7.1.5

First off, patch 7.1.5 reintroduces the Brawler's Guild, which pits players against monsters, heroes and other challengers in PvE battles, to Legion. This time around, the Brawler's Guild will get a new type of currency players can use to buy prizes.

Two characters brawling in an Orcish arena in World of Warcraft

New rewards, like cosmetic items and a new Basilisk mount, will also be added to World of Warcraft with the update.

In addition to this, dungeons from Mists of Pandaria will become available for Timewalking, which lets players take on a random selection of dungeons from previous expansions and tunes the difficulty to fit your item level.

A new Rumble mode, which lets you and your friends fight against raid bosses with unique modifiers, is also in the works. There will also be new world bosses players can find (and kill) for new loot.

Blizzard is also planning on releasing "micro holidays", which, while not giving you more power for your artifact or toys you can add to your toybox, will offer a bunch of new activities for you to undertake and are themed after real-life holidays, just like the major holiday events in the game currently.

To commemorate the 2006 Ahn'Qiraj event where the gates to the raid were opened for the very first time, a special event will be held where players of either faction can turn in Silithus parts.

The faction with the most parts at the end of the event will have their faction banner be displayed in Silithus for the coming year.

Smaller additions to the game will be Volunteer Guard Day, where you can trade places with the city guard, a feature where you can hatch and raise a Hippogryph, and an update to the Blade's Edge arena, in addition to a range of balance updates and tweaks to World of Warcraft's talent system.

Patch 7.2

This is the big one. Patch 7.2 will continue the Class Order story you started when Legion launched as you try to bring down the Burning Legion. This patch will introduce a new faction called the Armies of Legionfall and will add new World Quests to the Broken Shore zone in the Broken Isles.

Together with your allies, you will have to gain a foothold on the Broken Isles, renovating the broken Elven ruins into functional buildings that can help in the war effort.

The release of this patch will also mark the release of the Tomb of Sargeras raid, which consists of 9 bosses for players to take down and is divided up into 4 parts: the Cathedral, the Flooded Caves, the Elven Wing, and an as-yet-unrevealed 4th wing where players will take on Kil'Jaeden himself.

Kil'jaeden in World of Warcraft

The Burning Legion invasions that were briefly added to the game as a pre-launch event for Legion are going to make a return in the Broken Isles.

Whenever the Legion invades a region, the skies will turn dark and World Quests will become temporarily unavailable. Players will be able to team up with 2 friends in a new scenario that sees your party fight your way into a Legion star destroyer ship.

Patch 7.2 will also add a completely new dungeon to the game called 'Cathedral of Eternal Night', a 4-boss dungeon available on Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ difficulty levels.

Speaking of dungeons, some existing dungeons will receive a few updates in patch 7.2. The difficulty of the dungeons on Heroic and Mythic levels will be getting some more adjustments to make them harder while also making the rewards better if you manage to complete them.

The 'Court of Stars' and 'Arcway' dungeons can be queued for in 7.2, removing some of the hassle players have to deal with currently.

If you remember Warlords of Draenor, you know that allowing players to fly wasn't very high on the priority list, but all of that changed in Legion.

Flying in Legion requires you to jump through a substantial amount of hoops in order to unlock it, with the flying skill being locked away behind a rather lengthy list of achievements that range from fully exploring the Broken Isles to completing your Class Hall campaign.

Completing all the achievements unlocks the Broken Island Pathfinder, Part One which initially only boosts your ground mount speed. Patch 7.2 will include the second part of the achievement and will need to be completed in order to unlock the ability to fly around the Broken Isles.

There will also be a variety of class-specific mounts you can earn as you make your way through the achievements. You can find screenshots of those by going here.

This patch will also add more artifact traits to your artifact weapon (hopefully one of those will remove the extremely distracting orbs of fire that whizz around your head if you picked Felo'Melorn) and new Knowledge Levels in addition to the continuation of your artifact quest line.

Other new additions, like a new artifact skin and more minor traits, will also be coming to the game with this patch.

While this is all well and good if you're a PvE player, you might be wondering what lies in store for the game's PvP portion of the game. Well, there's good news in that regard!

Starting with patch 7.2 you'll be able to take part in PvP brawls, which are modeled after the Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm modes of the same name and will have a set of unique modifiers that are less about balance and more about fun.

The Tarren Mill 40v40 battleground will also make a glorious return to the game as part of the Brawl feature, and Arathi Basin will get a wintery makeover to fit the season.

This new version of the battleground will limit your vision significantly, so you'll have to be extra careful to not accidentally bump into a group of enemy players.

Blizzard has said that the story it wants to tell with Legion is far from over, saying that players will be able to go to the Draenei homeworld of Argus to fight the Burning Legion.

What this seems to imply is that players are getting a completely new subcontinent filled with new content as part of a patch coming at some point after 7.2. We will update you on the specifics when we get them!

If you want to follow the news coming from BlizzCon, you can check out the official BlizzCon website by going here.

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