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Heavenstrike Rivals has been a popular mobile title from Square Enix and now it’s available on PC. Players can download and play the multiplayer tactical RPG for free on Steam starting today. Have friends who play on mobile? Not a problem, Heavenstrike has cross-platform play between PC and mobile. You can even sync accounts between Facebook, mobile and Steam to play however you like, wherever you like.

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This original story from Square Enix places players in the kingdom of Luinnain. Suspended by ancient chains among the clouds Luinnain was once a prosperous land. Now the kingdom is besieged by attackers called the Fallen and has fractured the world with war and alliances.  

Taking place in a war-torn world on the brink of extinction, Heavenstrike Rivals features real-time multiplayer battles adding an interesting spin on the trading card game genre. Available worldwide players can play with people from all over the world. For those wanting to test their skills, the game includes league battles and arena tournaments so players can see how they rank on the PVP leaderboards.

Heavenstrike Rivals
Square Enix/Mediatonic LTD

As players go on an epic quest to save the legendary Seven Sisters they can also participate in regular events, raid battles and arena competitions. Now that the game’s on Steam, PC players can earn trading cards and Steam achievements. Simple to start playing Heavenstrike Rivals offers deeper tactical TCG gameplay then some in the free to play games by mixing the TCG with tactics. You can cCollect over 700 fully-animated units that can be trained for use in both Co-op and PVP battles. Ryoma Ito of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance designed the adorable characters. Ryo Yamazaki of Final Fantasy XIV composed the music for the game.

Microtransactions for the game are present and appear to be in the form of a currency called Cores which are used for unlocking new cards and gold. You do earn them through play and it costs generally at the start 5 cores for a purchase of a single random card from a set, or you can buy 10 at a discounted 5 or 10% off with the game starting you with 50 cores and letting you earn some more quickly. There is also a monthly pass which gives you additional daily login bonuses for $6.99

Heavenstrike Cores
Get ready to get marketed too!

Monthly Ticket

The T rated game from Square Enix and MEDIATONIC LTD is available to download for free on Android, iOS and now PC on Steam. Learn more about the game at the official website here.

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