Haven Gameplay Trailer Reveals a World Filled With Love and Danger

Published: July 9, 2019 1:30 PM /


haven gameplay trailer

The Haven Gameplay Trailer for The Game Bakers' upcoming co-operative role-playing game has been released, giving us our first proper look at what you can do in this title that was first revealed earlier in February 2019.

In Haven, players can play by themselves or with a special someone in their lives as they travel and explore a planet that they have all to themselves. It's a struggle to survive, and they'll have to use all of the technology at their disposal to make the land a livable place! Check out the teaser that was first revealed earlier this year:



Now, the Haven Gameplay Trailer has finally been released. The trailer opens with a few views of the landscape before we see the two protagonists engaged in a romantic tirade. The power goes out and they have to head out into the world to figure out what's wrong. We then see the two characters flying around the world on both the ground and in the air, collecting items and seemingly terraforming the land. The materials they collect apparently can be used to craft things, too.

Interspersed with the action scenes are story sections somewhat like a visual novel where players can make choices. We then get to see a bit of combat where our two heroes fight some of the native wildlife using one of four different abilities. Overall, the trailer gives us a pretty solid idea of what we can expect from Haven.


You can watch the Haven Gameplay Trailer for yourself below. It's expected to release sometime in 2020; no price has been announced, but you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam for now. Don't forget to check out its official website!

What did you think of the Haven Gameplay Trailer? Do this look like the sort of game you'd be interested in playing? Let us know in the comments below!


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