Hard Reset is Getting a Revamp with Hard Reset Redux

Published: January 27, 2016 4:29 PM /


Hard Reset Redux Header

Before they were bringing Shadow Warrior into the new age, Flying Wild Hog made a little cyberpunk shooter called Hard Reset, a fantastic shooter that not many people got to play. With a unique two gun gimmick that allows you to modify your weapons to make something completely new, Hard Reset was a real diamond in the rough. Luckily for you, if you missed the original title, it's getting a revamp. 

From the trailer shown, it's clear that Hard Reset looks like a marvel. While the original was certainly a stylistic hit, the new textures and models make it look even better than before. Something else to note is the addition of a whole new weapon, a glowing katana that is already giving me vibes of Shadow Warrior's fantastic Nobitsura Kage, which managed to be just as fun to control as the guns were.

Hard Reset Redux

However, one of the most exciting tidbits of information involves new content. One of the biggest complaints Hard Reset received was its length, but it looks like Hard Reset Redux will be addressing that. While they're hush on the exact details of length, we do know that combat will be getting a bit of an overhaul. To compliment the new cyber-katana you can now perform a quick dash in combat, allowing you to close gaps or dodge projectiles. You will also have to deal with a new enemy type, and a complete rebalance to the difficulty, new enemy placements included.

We reached out to publisher Gambitious Digital's PR, who had this tidbit to say on the topic of discounts. "Original Hard Reset owners will be getting a discount on Redux. We haven't locked down the exact discount rate yet, but it will be fairly substantial." So if you already own the original and don't want to shell out too much extra for an update of the same game, then it looks like you're going to be in luck.

Hard Reset Redux will be launching sometime soon for PC, as Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 


Our Take

I adored the original Hard Reset, a thrilling twist on FPS titles such as Serious Sam or Painkiller. The addition of the cyber-katana and a dash has me excited for the possibilities of faster combat, and a complete difficulty overhaul to compliment this addition really is a smart move. I've loved Flying Wild Hog's shooters in the past, and I'm sure Hard Reset Redux will be no exception.


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