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A couple months ago Humble introduced Humble Staff Pick Bundles, bundles that consisted of games chosen by people who worked for Humble Bundle. This month it returns with Humble Staff Pick Bundle: Hamble, a bundle consisting of seven games picked by the "office bindle pig" Hamble.

The first tier is a pay what you want tier and includes three games. 1001 Spikes is a retro platformer developed by Binding of Isaac: Rebirth developer Nicalis. The game can be played co-op with four players, and is apparently rather difficult. Next up is Absolute Drift, a top-down driving game where you must master the art of drifting to drift into score boxes and around obstacles. It should be noted that an updated version called Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is coming out soon, and anyone who gets Absolute Drift will get updated to that version. Finally, you'll also get Snakebird. This is a very weird puzzle game where you control, well... snakebirds. You'll guide them to eat fruit and warp out of the level by twisting their bodies in strange ways. As usual, there is also a 10% discount on the Humble Monthly Bundle in this tier.

Hand of Fate Dealer
Hand of Fate

The second tier is the beat the average tier, currently priced at $5.36 at the time of writing, and includes two more games. First up is Hand of Fate, an action RPG combined with a card game. Here you'll explore various environments that are made by a dealer pulling cards out of a deck, occasionally participating in Arkham-like combat. You can read our review of Hand of Fate here. The other game you'll get is Deathtrap, a combination between an action-RPG and Tower Defense that originally started off as an extra mode in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. You can read our review of Deathrap here. This tier also promises to have more games added next week.

The third tier is available for a flat price of $10 and includes two more games. The first is Viscera Cleanup Detail, a first person janitorial simulator where you need to clean up the messes of recent bloody encounters. Viscera Cleanup Detail will also include its House of Horrors DLC, and missions based on Santa's Workshop, and the Shadow Warrior reboot. The second game included is Craft the World, a 2D game where you order around a group of dwarves as they build structures, mine for ore, fight off monsters, and generally try to settle down.

deathtrap hunter

While there are no games included in the final tier, a fourth $40 tier is available that has a plushy that is a recreation of Hamble the Pig. This plush will only be available through this bundle.

If you're not interested in these games, last week's Humble Narrative Bundle is still going, though no new games have been added to it. The Humble Narrative Bundle has one more week in it, while the Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Hamble has two.

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