Halo 5 Campaign Getting Difficulty Balance Patch

Published: April 16, 2016 10:51 PM /


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Halo 5 recently started a beta test for the highly anticipated Warzone Firefight update, but Firefight won't be the only change to the game in the forthcoming update. The campaign will be getting a slew of tweaks to make the singleplayer more difficult and the co-op a little easier. 343 designer Chris Procter describes the changes as "slight." He said that some of the main complaints 343 received that were to be addressed were an unfair difficulty spike in Warden fights, Forerunners being much more formidable foes and the difficulty of co-op being a little to high and the single player a little to low.

The specific changes that will make the game a little easier include, Made Warden attacks a little easier to dodge, particularly on lower difficulties by giving the gravity bomb less homing, making the face beam track targets less accurately and lowering the range on the melee attack. The warden will also be easier to kill from the front. 

The AI Focus Turret will output less damage, the AI Storm Rifle will fire in shorter bursts, have greater spread and projectiles will move more slowly. Jackals are also less effective with the Storm Rifle than elites. The AI suppressor will fire in longer bursts, with less projectile homing. Crawlers are now less effective than soldiers with the Suppressor. The AI also fires in shorter bursts with the Light Rifle. 

Killing a Crawler will now deal area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies, softening them up or killing them outright. Your squad AI will also be less likely to be killed while sitting in the gunner turret of your vehicle.

There are some changes that will also make the the game harder.

The AI Plasma Pistol is now slightly more accurate and outputs more damage. The AI Needler will fire in longer bursts with slightly higher damage and can supercombine on players playing on Heroic or higher difficulty. The AI Beam Rifle will output slightly more damage, making it a two-shot kill on Heroic.

Sword Elites now have a tackle animation and can swing at targets on the move. Elites, Elite Officers and Soldier Officers can take more damage. Being killed by a plasma grenade is now non-revivable in co-op, much like taking lethal damage from a Binary Rifle. AI will also have more special abilities the more players with higher player count in co-op as well as a higher chance to be promoted to a deadlier enemy type.

So if you haven't jumped into Halo 5 yet you might want to wait a bit. There's a lot of stuff on the way. 


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