Hakoniwa Company Works Gets New Details

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Hakoniwa Company Works

New details about Hakoniwa Company Works have been revealed by Nippon Ichi Software via Gematsu. Information about the crafting simulation RPG includes characters, jobs and the battle system. The game will be available on July 13 for PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Hakoniwa Company Works
Clouds End

Set in Clouds End, a world full of diverse floating islands, players will take charge of a company that works at connecting these islands. Each has their own distinct culture and they can be visited by airship travel. The Worldwide Whale is the name of the company’s airship and it is a good place to rest or reliably travel around the world in.

Hakoniwa Company Works
Meet Fang the werewolf.

In your travels, you’ll meet a variety of interesting people many of whom will need your help. NIS has introduced a few of these characters you may meet such as Tommy and Daniel, a father and son from Green Grass Islands Main Belt village who need houses built. Fang is a werewolf from Daisy Planet and needs help raising his family’s defenses. You’ll also meet Nemurenu who hires your company for the kingdom and rival builders the rough and rude Buccaneers Company.

Hakoniwa Company Works
Turn based battle

The blocky world of Hakoniwa Company Works allows players to destroy environment elements in order to harvest materials and construct new things with them. In battle, players can break blocks as well to send pieces flying at their enemies and to collect valuable crafting materials. Combat will be in the style of a turn-based strategy RPG. Characters will take turns attacking their enemies with weapons or using skills to assist their allies. Once all enemies on the map are defeated victory is achieved.

Hakoniwa Company Works

Every character will have one of five jobs that allow them to use various abilities. Jobs will also determine character's ability power and available slots. Protagonists can become a “Master” which gives them a “Gym Bomb” attack and the skill “Charisma” which increases surrounding allies’ critical rate. Attackers are soldier types that excel in, you guessed it, attacking. Rounders excel at guarding and supporting allies, Bowlers excel at map destruction and Carry’s specialize in gathering materials and have the most slots

Hakoniwa Company Works
Build your base.

Players will need to build a base on their airship where they can live, craft and strengthen their allies. A wide variety of materials can be used in building and layers can create whatever type of building they can dream up. Each ally can have their own house within the base but you'll need a deed first to begin construction. Once built you can furnish and decorate houses with “Interiors”. The Interiors you choose can strengthen various stats for the ally that lives there so more than aesthetics need to be taken into consideration.

Hakoniwa Company Works
Character creation

Creativity isn't just for building houses though, players will be able to customize characters too. Unlock different head, arm, and body parts as you play to create your favorite looks for each character in the Clothes Change Shop. You can also draw your own parts for a completely unique look.

Hakoniwa Company Works will launch in Japan on July 13, 2017, as a PS4 exclusive.

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