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Hakoniwa Company Works

Nippon Ichi Software has released new information about their upcoming building RPG Hakoniwa Company Works at the game’s official website and translated over at Gematsu. Releasing this summer in Japan, the game lets players take on the role of the master of a company that builds bridges between floating islands in the world of Cloud’s End. New details include what you can do back at the base, how to use housing effects, and the different types of skills and weapons.


In Hakoniwa Company Works your home base is an airship called the Worldwide Whale. Here you can do a myriad of activities such as navigating, taking jobs, recruiting personnel, storing materials and crafting with them. Using the ship's steering wheel you’ll be able to navigate to a variety of islands each with their own unique culture.

Among the lands you’ll be able to travel to in Cloud’s End are a variety of different resources to collect. In Green Grass players can find soil, rock, and wood as they destroy the countryside. Punk Shroud is known for its scientific advancements thanks to the availability of minerals there. Love and Peace is an interesting land of fire and ice where rare minerals can be harvested.

On board your ship you’ll be sent requests for your help and services. Also on board is your trusty secretary Meme who will help you find new recruits to work for you. As you destroy the map and earn rewards you’ll collect many materials that can be stored in your warehouse to free up inventory slots. You can then use those materials to craft all sorts of items, many of which can be used to furnish your crew's living spaces.

Hakoniwa Company Works

To strengthen your crew members you can make houses for them called “living spaces” and fill them up with items called “interiors” that will give special “housing effects”. Interiors can range from a simple chair to an eccentric bone bookcase or a specialty item like a dog house. Different items will have different effects on the crew member that owns them and the placement or combination of those items will further enhance or diminish the housing effects-so place them wisely.

Weapons can be used for both combat and destroying the map for materials and range from swords to shovels. Each weapon has a separate attack power against enemies and map blocks depending what you’re attacking. To more efficiently harvest materials players will want to change out their weapons based on what island they're visiting.

Characters will have two types of skills in Hakoniwa Company Works, active skills, and passive skills. Active skills are used in battle and consume AP. These skills can give you an advantage in battle but will have a cool down time until they can be used again. Passive skills will give players a persistent effect such as weapon enhancement or increased map destruction power.

Hakoniwa Company Works

Hakoniwa Company Works is releasing in Japan on July 13th for PlayStation 4. If you want to learn more about it, check out some details we've previously covered. And if you want to pre-order it in Japanese, you can do so from Play-Asia (affiliate).

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