Gravity Rush 2 Online Shutdown Delayed Until July

Published: January 12, 2018 8:30 AM /



In a surprise announcement, an in-game message reveals that the planned Gravity Rush 2 online mode shutdown has been moved to July. The announcement of the original shutdown came as a surprise back in September, just a mere 8 months after Gravity Rush 2's release. It's unclear what has lead to the move of the shutdown date, as the original planned date was less than a week away. The Store page for Gravity Rush 2 has not been changed to reflect the change in date yet, though it will likely be edited soon. You can see the entire announcement as it appears in-game below.

gravity rush 2 online


The announcement also does not reveal if the increased "Dusty Tokens" drop rate, used to unlock costumes and art, will continue for the additional six months of life. Japan Studio, developers of Gravity Rush 2, are also planning to turn off the online features of Demon's Souls in the next couple of months. As Demon's Souls was released in 2009 and Gravity Rush 2 in 2017, it's possible Japan Studio is simply heading off bad press before it starts. Without any further words from Sony, it's hard to speak definitively on the subject at this time.

While the online component of Gravity Rush 2 was a small portion of the gravity-defying game, it was a well-loved one. Whether through the asynchronous races, sharing of photo clues for treasure hunts, or enjoying the highly stylistic sights that it had to offer, Gravity Rush 2 arguably made good use of its limited online features. A Twitter campaign under the #DontForgetGravityRush tag has seen an immense outpouring of support for the game, while dedicated player "hirokeima" amassed the maximum number of Dusty Tokens several weeks ahead of the server shutdown.

Kotaku has detailed the lengths to which players are going memorialize Gravity Rush 2's online mode, and this news is sure to appease many of the fans. With the July 18th date now looming over the community's heads, it would be unsurprising to see an even stronger community effort to save Gravity Rush 2's online once more. Until we hear from Japan Studio or Sony, we won't know more about why the date was moved, if we hear at all.

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