GoG Launches "Insomnia Promo" with 96 Hour Livestream

Published: March 2, 2015 2:46 PM /


gog insomnia

Proving once again that Steam isn't the only game in town when it comes to ridiculous deals on digital games, GoG has launched the Insomnia Promo, a three day long sale that covers more than one hundred and fifty of their titles. Games are divided into two categories, one for the classic titles that GoG is famous for carrying, and one for DRM-free versions of newer titles. One game from each category will go on sale at a time until a set number of copies of that game is sold, after which it is replaced with a new game. This is similar to past sales of this type, although previous sales only had one sale up at a time.

This means that popular titles, like the recently rereleased Lucasarts games, might be gone in just a few minutes. This also means that something that has been around for a few sales, like the infamous Jack Keane, may stick on the homepage for an hour or more before being replaced. Games are also set to repeat, so if you miss something you had your heart set on acquiring, you can keep a look out for a favorite title all throughout the sale just in case it pops up.

GoG does great work making sure that their games run on modern systems, and considering how cheap some of the older games already were, there will be something going on sale for everyone. Even if you're gaming on an underpowered laptop, it might be worth the price of a cup of coffee to relive the glory days of point and click adventures or wander around a DOOM clone. In addition to the sale, GoG staffers are also manning a livestream for the entire three day sale period. They'll be playing interesting retro titles from across their library, and it's always fun to see streamers begin to lose their minds after long overnight shifts.

Any old school titles that you've had your eye on? What are your impressions of GoG's latest sale? How long do you think Jack Keane will stay on the front page this year? Answer below in the comments!

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