Zombies Monsters Robots Game of Drones Update Released

Published: April 14, 2015 3:59 PM /



A new update for Zombies Monsters Robots has been announced today April 14, 2015.  The update called Game of Drones adds drone companions, new maps and an improved leveling system to the free-to-play shooter.  This latest update for En Masse Entertainment's third-person shooter is free and available now.

Zombies Monsters Robots Game of Drones Update


The Game of Drones update brings a fleet of drone companions to co-op scenarios that players can unlock via the new drone system. There are four unique drone types that have been added to ZMR. Aside from having distinct attacks and aesthetics, drone companions are also customizable.

ZMR's new drone companions include a Gatling Gundrone, Thunderdrone, Lazerdrone and Dragondrone.  The Gatling Gundrone has a higher fire rate but with lower damage per hit.  The Thunderdrone specializes in using high-impact grenades, great for large, slow enemies.  Lazerdrones are equipped with, you guessed it, powerful lasers that deal high single-target damage.  And what's a Dragondrone?  A multi-target electric burst attacker.


Zombies Monsters Robots The Game of Drones Update Key Art showing various zombies robots and other monsters in an army storming past the viewer.

There's more than just drones in ZMR's new update though.  The Game of Drones update also adds five new maps to the game.  There is now an Assault Ops co-op campaign called, "Occupied Earth" with a super hard Nightmare difficulty mode. "Charnel Halls" is a multi-level map for Mercs vs. Monsters mode with over 20 playable character classes.  Check out ZMR's new update Game of Drones to try all five of the new maps.

In addition to the new drones and maps ZMR is also getting an overhaul of the leveling rewards. There will now be more free unlockable rewards just for leveling up.  These rewards include: permanent weapons, permanent weapon modifications, drones, turrets and costumes delivered to players in-game mailboxes.


Do you play ZMR? What do you think of Game of Drones?


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