Galak-Z Season 5 DLC Coming - Beta Announced

Published: April 15, 2016 4:00 PM /



The highly anticipated and long delayed Season 5 DLC for Galak-Z: The Dimensional is finally coming. The free expansion entered beta last night and will be available for players to check out until Monday April 18. 

Zach Aikman, lead engineer at 17-Bit studio, posted an update on Steam detailing the content coming in the Season 5 expansion. Rather than continuing the current episodic structure of the previous seasons, the Season 5 DLC takes the form of a chaotic endless mode titled The Void. Players will load up this new mode and be challenged to survive as long as they can. Upon death their score will be saved and posted to an online leaderboard and they'll be beckoned to try again. 

Every run in The Void ends only by perishing. There are no save points. There is no mercy.

Fans of Galak-Z have been clamoring for this content for a while now. The expansion was originally promised to release at the end of 2015, however the relocation of the studio to Japan set back development quite a bit according to a previous update on the game's Steam forum.

I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates and interactions in the discussion forums recently. Our studio director and lead engineer (myself) are in the process of relocating from Seattle to Kyoto to join the rest of the 17-BIT team that's already over there. We're currently in transit and will be in Busan, Korea for the next few days.

My development machine is inaccessible at the moment but I should be up and running in the new office on Monday, Nov 16th and be able to get back to fixing bugs and pushing updates again.

We're very sorry for the downtime but your issues are still being heard and we'll be addressing them as quickly as possible!

To access The Void beta players just simply need to opt in to it through the Steam interface. To opt in, players can right click on the game in their Steam library and hit properties. Hit the betas tab on the properties menu and then opt in through the drop down menu. Once that is done the new content will be available through an option on the main menu. Players may want to think twice, however, because any progress made during the beta in both the Arcade or Rogue mode will not be saved. 

The beta is currently only available on PC until Monday. The full release date for the new expansion has yet to be announced. 

Quick Take

Galak-Z is a great game and I'm excited to finally see signs that this content will be seeing the light of day. The Void taking the form of an endless mode seems like the perfect way to bring even more replayability to an already highly replayable game. I can't wait to give it a go. 

Are you excited to finally see Season 5 come to Galak-Z? Have you tried the beta? Let us know in the comments below!


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