Four PlayStation VR Games Announced at ChinaJoy 2017, Coming West

Published: July 26, 2017 5:50 PM /


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ChinaJoy isn't very well-known in the West, but it's the biggest electronic and game expo in China. This year Sony took to the stage and made several announcements as they push into the Chinese market. Among these announcements were four PlayStation VR games, all of which will be coming to the West.

First up was Stifled, developed by Gattai Games. Stifled is a horror game with a twist similar to the recent Perception. You play as a man who has gone blind due to a tragic accident. While you can't see normally, you can make noises and use echolocation to get an idea of what your environment looks like. The twist here is that you have to actually use the PlayStation VR's built in microphone to make the noises. You have to be careful with this, as the same noises you use to see can also alert the enemy to your presence. You can check out our hands-on impressions of the game here.

The second game is The Walker, developed by Haymaker. Taking place in Shanghai, you'll play as a descendant of a special bloodline that gives you magical powers. Combining this with guns and magical skills, you'll be attempting to protect Shanghai, and the rest of the world, from a demonic threat. The game is a wave-based survival FPS where you'll have access to a variety of magics, guns, and swords to survive against the enemy swarms.

Following that is Kill X, developed by VIVA Games. A first person shooter/horror game, you'll be exploring an island that some sort of experiments were preformed on in an effort to discover the secrets of immortality. You'll get various firearms to use to defend yourself against the enemies on the island and will be jumping between several time periods as you attempt to stop the experiments.

The fourth and final game is Legion Commander, developed by ChangYou Games. This game is an RTS/Card game hybrid where you'll be playing as either Humans, Orcs, or Elves. You'll be assembling an army and sending them forth to destroy the other team's army. You'll earn cards as you play, and you can play these cards on the field to use special powers to benefit your army.

It should be noted that two of these games, The Walker and Kill X, are part of Sony's China Hero Project. That means these games are receiving special development help and funding from Sony to assist their creation, along with assistance in getting these games published in other regions.

None of these games currently have release dates, but all four will be coming to a PlayStation VR near you at some point.

How do you feel about these games? Interested in China's PlayStation VR development? Let us know in the comments!


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