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The all new Firefly Online, which was announced at San Diego Comic Con (See video below), has gotten some details. Browncoats, as Firefly fans are called, have been wanting some sort of Firefly news for a very long time, and may have finally gotten a way back into the world of the show. With a Firefly-themed spin being put on many standard MMO features, this game is one that everyone should keep their eye on!


As you can see, FFO (Firefly Online) is going to allow players to begin the game as a female or male captain (Browncoat at start, factions to be added later!), as well as a created first officer who will assist you on your adventures are you explore the 'Verse (Which according to the developer's site will be a star cluster of over 200 worlds!) Now, the mention of the word "social" usually scares a lot of players away from games, but even though the developer is considering the game to be a social one, that is for the purposes of being assisted in missions, creating jobs (quests) for other players to complete, and sharing various items from inside the game.

Firefly Captains

The game is to feature a central story, but with many branching stories and adventures that the players can enjoy on top of regular DLC updates to play through!

The questing system is based on the show itself, calling quests "jobs", and there are a ton available to players. Some jobs are easier than others, with some involving combat, and making the right decisions to gain experience and platinum to pay your crew so they can eat and keep the ship repaired is of paramount importance! Doesn't sound like your cup of tea? In that case, you also have the ability to just explore and see what you can find as well as trade world to world! Should you encounter any resistance when on a job or exploring, the game turns into a turn-based combat system, as you control your entire crew and work strategically to survive and take your opponent's loot!

Light Bulk Transport

Obviously, the most iconic part of the show was Serenity, the firefly-class ship that Captain Mal made his way across the 'Verse in. Players will have the ability to captain their own ship, as well as customize the interior and exterior to their liking. This customization won't only be cosmetic, however, allowing players to upgrade their space, bunks, engine, and more in order to make their ship even better, and once they outgrow that space there are more ships to choose from! It's been said that the ships won't worry about fuel, but instead wear and tear. Push your boat too hard, and you'll be drifting in The Black, hoping to get rescued.

I'll be in my Bunk

The final feature that has been mentioned, is that of crafting. With a crafting system that offers lot of customization, on top of being easy to use, you and your crew will have the ability to try your hand at whatever suits your fancy!

Although only a few details have emerged about the game outside of what is on their site, and the developer still has to prove themselves, what they have planned looks to be incredibly exciting. Firefly Online is set to be released in summer 2014!


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