Final Fantasy XIII trilogy confirmed for PC, Steam

Published: September 18, 2014 3:20 PM /



A few days ago, the Steam logo was seen on the Final Fantasy XIII page for Square Enix. Of course, rumors started to fly that the trilogy was coming to Steam, but today it has been confirmed. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to Steam and as of right now, the first game in the series will be available October 9, 2014. Subsequent games in the series are going to be made available by Spring of 2015.

Final Fantasy XIII originally came out in 2010. The PC version details are unknown at this time. One question many people will be wondering about is whether or not video settings will have the ability to be modified to make the game look better on PC. Obviously, many modern PCs are more powerful than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I know I will be interested in seeing what the game will look like on PC considering it was a pretty good looking game graphically on those two systems.

There will likely be achievements on Steam, as has been done in the past with other Final Fantasy games. Also, they have added some new modes and options to PC versions in the past, like the (relatively) recent re-release of Final Fantasy VII on Steam. That of course is only speculation of this time, but Square Enix has done that in the past. We will keep an eye out for any new information.

This seems to be a slowly building movement for Square Enix as more and more Final Fantasy games have begun to appear on Steam. Final Fantasy XIII, their most recent series they have committed a lot of time and effort to, is finally being made available to PC and it seemed only inevitable.

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